Compass Showcasing Road to Success

Major Gifts Are at the Top

Major gifts are the most important component of any good development operation. Did you know that the average nonprofit receives more than 88% of their donations from just 12% of donors?

Why You Should be at the Top

The fortunes that fuel philanthropy come from the very wealthy. They have taken risks and enjoyed odds-beating success. They expect nothing less from their giving. This is why personal and professional development are keys to your success and essential for a good MGO.

It’s People Who Give

Most major nonprofits rely on individuals to fund their operations. The most recent Giving USA report found that 69% of all donations to nonprofits in 2019 were from individuals. That’s $310 billion of the almost $450 billion given to nonprofits. And those figures do not include individual bequests, which make up another 10% of giving. And according to FreeWill, bequests are up.

Can you afford to disregard such a significant portion of your industry? Don’t leave money on the table by opting to ignore big gifts.