Have You Thought About Certification?

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

In addition to your college or graduate degree, professional development is critical for your career and personal life. It will help you function and compete on a much higher level. It is just as critical not to forget about personal development towards becoming a good Major Gifts Officer (MGO).

This website contains resources that will help you prepare. We also strongly suggest going for your CFRE degree. You can begin by browsing through CFRE’s study aids.

Being a successful fundraiser depends on much more than having relevant knowledge or credentials after your name. It requires personal drive and perseverance to reach the job’s objectives and a collaborative attitude toward your work, your colleagues, and the organization.  Most of those skills come from experience – from being in the trenches and honing your skills on the job.

That said, CFRE certification and continued education indicates a fundraiser’s commitment to professional growth in the field, which has significant benefits:

Increases Credibility

Certification affirms that your knowledge and experience meet international standards in philanthropy. Credibility means:

  • Reliability
  • Authority
  • Higher earning potential

Enhances Professionalism

Certification programs promote and develop professionals who can stand out as role models in the fundraising field.

  • People will look for you for information
  • You can serve as a mentor to enhance others’ lives
  • You will become more adaptable and develop interpersonal skills

Improves Career Opportunities

Certificants have an edge when being considered for employment or promotion.

  • Helps excel in your career
  • Develops cutting-edge talent for job hunt opportunities
  • Shows you have discipline to prepare and execute

Provides Earning Potential

An AFP survey shows CFREs earn on average 23 percent more than their counterparts.

  • 83% of CFREs say earning their degree has had value in increasing their salary
  • They earn at least 20% more than counterparts
  • People will know you’ve mastered critical skills

Empowers you for Responsibilities

The training required to achieve and maintain certification improves skills and knowledge critical to managing increasing challenges.

  • You will deal with situations more acutely
  • You will better understand scope, accountability and tasks at hand
  • You will function with clarity

Builds Self-Esteem

Achieving certification brings personal satisfaction and professional confidence.

  • A high self-esteem affects experiences in our lives
  • Builds confidence to network
  • Builds your association with more qualified people