Donor Surveys

Monitor Changes in Donor Attitudes and Interests

Survey Icone - We want Your Feedback
  • Help increase gift frequency and generate second and third gifts
  • Give critical feedback on how your donors experience your fundraising
  • Invite donors and prospects to shape and give feedback on a new (fundraising) program idea before its launch
  • Improve your stewardship and communication efforts
  • Help you make strategic fundraising or programmatic decisions
  • Optimize your fundraising team and increase effectiveness
  • Help save time and money
  • Are you frustrated because your Major Gifts and Planned Giving program is underperforming?
  • Are your best marketing efforts producing lackluster results?
  • Does it feel like there’s a locked door between you and your donors?

Then it’s time to unlock that door and see the whole new world of fundraising success behind it. And luckily for you, the key to that door is right here.

Our proven survey system will reveal your donors’:

  • Motivations
  • Intentions
  • Preferences
  • Needs

It’s not just a key, but a whole keyring that unlocks all the ingredients your nonprofit needs to truly reach and engage with your supporters.

You’ll gain access to:

  • Vital demographic information about your donor base
  • Planned giving prospects and legacy leads
  • Major donor prospects
  • A way to prioritize and assign prospects
  • An authentic donor loyalty gauge
  • And a powerful, proven system to build your endowment.

Why Are Donor Surveys Important?

  1. How will you learn what drives your donors if you don’t ask?
  2. How will you gauge donor satisfaction?
  3. How else will you predict what will make giving more likely?
  4. How will you know what to address — and what to leave out — in your donor communications?

Our surveys provide vital feedback that will help you to alter — or maintain — your marketing course as needed.

You’ll be able to tell who’s engaged, who isn’t, and clean up your list of donor prospects.

The final product includes complete metrics, analytics and a planned giving funnel with names and addresses of people who are interested in becoming Legacy Donors. We’ll even include major gift prospects, and in some cases, those who are just interested in supporting you with minor annual gifts.

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How does the donor survey process work?

Once we partner with you, we’ll:

  1. Assess the reasons and objectives for the survey
  2. Create a survey roadmap and timeline
  3. Finalize the goals for your survey (What do you want to learn? What will you do with the survey results?)
  4. Work with you to determine the survey audience.
What types of surveys can we perform?

A wide variety, including:

  • Individual Giving Surveys (i.e. small and mid-level, first time or lapsed donor)
  • Major Giving Surveys
  • Planned Giving Prospects and Donors Surveys
  • Donor, Member, and Alumni Engagement Surveys
  • Annual Surveys
  • Donor Comparison Surveys (i.e. geographic markets)
  • Post-Event Surveys
  • Donor Satisfaction Surveys
  • Board and Volunteer Surveys
  • Capital Campaign Surveys
How will the survey be conducted?

That’s up to you. We’ll work with you to determine the best method to deliver the questions. Surveys can be delivered via:

  • E-mail
  • Social media
  • Text messages
  • 1:1 Phone and Zoom Surveys
  • Mixed Mode Surveys
Who decides on the questions?

Based on your goals and our discussions with your team, we’ll write the best quantitative and qualitative (open-ended) questions to help you receive the information you need.

Are the surveys branded?

Yes – they are branded to your organization.

Who handles marketing for the survey?

We do – we draft all the outreach and marketing materials.

How do I get people to take the survey?

We’ll help you determine if incentives are appropriate. And we’ll send targeted reminders to this who don’t respond.

Who sends the surveys, and monitors the replies?

We do. After we’ve compiled and evaluated all the survey data, we’ll give you a full report with key findings. We’ll also guide you on how to report back to your respondents, and share targeted recommendations on how to improve your fundraising.


Jonathan Gudema worked with our staff and developed an outstanding survey which generated an excellent response.  He assisted us in our follow-up, and we were able to enroll many new legacy society members and opened conversations with several major gift prospects, too.  An all around wonderful experience.

Jerry Volk, Director of Philanthropic Initiatives
New York Medical College

They helped our team at the Workers Circle develop printed and online surveys to send to our members and supporters and we have been thrilled with the results. We are receiving a record number of responses to these surveys and have been able to use the results to grow our planned giving program. These surveys really helped to give our newly launched program a big boast!”

Melissa Karachalios, Deputy Executive Director and Development Director
Workers Circle

The more you know, the more effective — and powerful — you’ll be at what you do.