Planned Giving Videos

Educate donors, board members, advisors, and staff to raise more and larger gifts.

Videos for Your Organization’s Planned Giving Website and Social Media

Video is now the go-to source of content on the web. A video captures and holds a user’s attention within seconds and is by far the most effective method for explaining products and services. In fact, some studies show that video helps increase user understanding of concepts by 94 percent.

This makes video the perfect medium to explain planned gifts. Plus, video content has the highest click-through rate of all digital formats — one of the many reasons we’re featuring more videos than ever on our planned giving websites and landing pages.

Use our versatile, highly engaging video content for:

  • Tracking your donors to see who watched your videos on your planned giving website
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Email campaigns and e-broadcasts to increase click-through rates
  • Teaching your team, board, volunteers, and donors the ins and outs of planned gifts

Don’t wait for the next big thing. It’s already here, and it’s here to stay. Start using our video content today to give your planned giving marketing a serious kick in the ROI.

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Over 10 gift plans and inspirational videos on their way. Future plans include choices of different voiceovers.

Bequests, Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), Appreciated Securities, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, QCD (IRA Rollover, Charitable Gift Annuity, Deferred Gift Annuity, Lead Trusts, Real Estate, Retained Life Estates, and more.